Expression Days

Expression Days

Expression Days is a unique Europe-wide initiative by Fresenius Kabi. This is a one-of-a-kind disease awareness initiative for people with autoimmune conditions. It gives them an opportunity to raise awareness of their illness.

Using art as a way to voice their emotions is a new way of helping patients to express themselves to the wider world, from healthcare professionals and other patients to the wider public. This will be in two way. First, through an online e-gallery then, in time, through physical larger-than-life figures that will stand tall across Europe.

Through their art, these patients will be able to describe visually what daily life is like with their condition. They can express their frustrations, hopes, fears and much more, showing how their condition affects them personally and describing visually how it makes them feel.

We won the following prestigious Awards for our Expression Days:

Fierce Pharma Marketing Award 2021
Gold PM Society Awards 2022

To learn more about this disease awareness initiative, visit the Expression Days website.