Why choose biosimilars now and in the future?

Biosimilars facilitate patient access, provide more affordable treatment options and encourage innovation1,2

The many advantages of biosimilars:

Lower cost

The development of biosimilars can create lower patient costs for treatment, which can lead to:

  • Increased uptake of high value biologics1,2
  • Reinvestment of cost savings in the development of new and innovative therapies1
  • Switching to biosimilars is saving health systems vast sums of money – a trend which is set to keep on increasing for the foreseeable future3
  • Improved patient care1 

Increased choice and access

Biosimilars can offer broader access to biological products for patients. This can lead to:

  • Additional treatment choices for patients and HCPs1,2
  • Increased access to treatment options not previously available1
  • More access for patients at earlier stages of the therapy cycle4
  • The potential to improve the lives of people all over the world3

Encouraging innovation 

The development of biosimilars can create a more progressive, competitive environment, encouraging investment in the development of new biologic products. This can lead to:

  • Innovation among reference product manufacturers1 
  • Increased patient access to biosimilars and the most modern medicines1,2
  • Increased uptake of high value biologics1,2
  • Reinvestment of cost savings in the development of new and innovative therapies1
  • Improved patient care1

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